Unlimited Website Package - $950 Setup + $200/mo 
Website + Unlimited Updates + Photos every 3 months

We make beautiful restaurant websites. Trust DineDesign to work closely with you to create a powerful, future-proof, mobile responsive website incorporating new professional photography, and options such as Open Table integration, Newsletter integration, Social Network Integrations, powerful analytics, and much more. We have our name behind many of the great restaurant websites in the area, and we'd love to discuss how to create a fresh digital brand for your restaurant or food service business. 

But there's more to your digital marketing than just setting up a great looking website and moving on to the next thing. The vast majority of businesses spend the time and effort creating a great looking digital brand for themselves, but then make the grave mistake of neglecting it afterwards. A website that is out of date, or lacks regular content, is money wasted. Period. 

Regular updates help continue to infuse value into your digital presence, creates an up to date perception that keeps potential guests coming back for new menus, blog posts, photos, and events, and also helps you maintain an aggressive and competitive search engine ranking. 

DineDesign will help you stay on top of important events and holidays, and coordinate your online promotions with your restaurant’s specials and events. We aren’t just your voice, we are there to work hand in hand with your team to ensure that your content is genuine and interesting. We realize you have the business of managing your restaurant keeping you busy, and don't always have the time to maintain regular updates to your site. That's where we come in. We're always just an e-mail away, and will always be able to maintain the branding and style of your website in your new content. 

Everything from fully customized graphics and splash pages for your special events to adjusting a menu is included so that you don’t have to worry about per content fees and instead can focus on the day to day operations of your restaurant.